Three Jobs or Home Nursing in Hawaii

Countless patients would rather stay in their homes than be in a hospital environment. This is especially true for those who would need long-term care at a facility. Rather than receiving care from a typical nurse within the hospital, home nurses are available to help them in the comfort of their own home. Home Nursing in Hawaii includes three types of jobs.

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is someone who travels between multiple locations, and serves a plethora of patients. Each day, this nurse travels to each patient’s home in order to provide basic care options. This may include addressing concerns, dressing wounds, or taking temperatures and other vital signs. The patients that travel nurses treat require routine care, but it is usually not extensive. This leaves the nurse with plenty of time to tend to a variety of patients.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse often works in a typical hospital setting. When home-bound patients need to come in for a full check-up, then they will see their registered nurse. The registered nurse may also make home visits on occasion if the patient requests it. This nurse is allowed to administer medication and ensures all other nurses in the field are assigned their tasks.

Live-In Nurse

A live-in nurse typically remains with one patient for the duration of their care. They will stay in the patient’s home on a daily basis, and are often given their own room for accommodations. Each day, this nurse will assist with daily tasks and chores, and provide any care their patient needs. The live-in nurse is necessary for those with a major illness or disease that can not be managed with infrequent visits. Patients with Alzheimers, for example, often require a live-in nurse to help them with daily tasks that they can not manage alone.

Home Nursing in Hawaii is a beneficial field, as it allows caregivers to work with their patients closely. They will see their patients on a regular basis and grow a bond. Live-in nurses, registered nurses, and travel nurses are all required positions for people to fill. Kahu Malama Nurses Inc provides positions for nurses looking to join the field.

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