Three Important Questions About Tree Pruning In East Lyme CT

Homeowners often have trees on their property to enhance the landscape and to provide shady areas in the yard. To keep trees healthy and to maintain their appearance, it’s often necessary to hire a company that specializes in tree pruning in East Lyme, CT. Homeowners can learn more about tree pruning services by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) When should homeowners contact a tree service to prune shade trees in the yard?

A.) The ideal time for most shade trees to be pruned is during the winter months of the year after the leaves have fallen from the trees. The leaves on a tree can hide some of the branches that may need to be pruned. However, trees that contain sap, such as walnut and maple, may be pruned in the middle part of the summer. When these trees are pruned during the winter, the sap will run from the cuts on the branches. If a homeowner notices any diseased branches on their trees, theses limbs should be cut right away to prevent the disease from spreading to the entire tree.

Q.) How does a tree service specialist know which limbs to cut from a tree?

A.) A tree service specialist will first remove any branches that look unhealthy or withered. A tree pruning specialist will also cut off tree branches that hang low and cause an obstruction for people when they walk under the tree. The specialist will also look for tree limbs that cross over other limbs and ones that are growing too close to a different branch. Tree limbs that are growing at an odd angle may also need to be removed from the tree.

Q.) Will pruning cause injuries to a healthy tree?

A.) It’s definitely possible for someone who doesn’t have experience with tree pruning to injure a tree while making the cuts. When homeowners contact a company that specializes in tree pruning in East Lyme, CT they can be assured that the correct tree cutting methods are used so that the tree isn’t harmed.

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