Things To Consider If You Are Planning On Replacing The Windows In Your Home

If the windows in your home have seen the end of their natural life or you are finding the cost of heating and cooling the interior skyrocketing it is time to consider installing San Antonio replacement windows. When you reach this point you must take into account the material that is best suited for you and the type of window. Replacement windows are commonly available in both wood and vinyl and are available in many different configurations. Once these points have been clarified and you have dealt with the budgeting you are in a position to make an informed choice.

One of the first things to consider is how they will open. If you have a period home you may wish to stay with period style replacement windows. Staying with the same design is not necessary; most window types can be made to suit the existing cavity.

Casement design windows are hinged along the vertical side, they swing either out or in and they do so by cranking a handle. Popular San Antonio replacement windows are single or double hung types. Regardless of whether they are single hung or double hung they consist of two cases, the case being the part of the window that contains the glass. The cases are designed to slide up and down, the bottom case is the only moving part of a single hung window while both the top and bottom cases of a double hung design slide. Sliding windows work on the same concept, the only difference is that they slide horizontally rather than vertically.

You also must consider the materials the replacement windows will be made from. Vinyl is a very popular choice, they offer great thermal properties and require little or no maintenance but there are those who feel they do an injustice to the looks of the house. Wood windows are available in both hard and soft woods which will require painting but they do blend nicely with the architecture of most homes. Aluminum is available but the material is a poor insulator, few are used these days although they were popular years ago.

The glass in San Antonio replacement windows is also a consideration. Most use double panes of glass, sealed with a central air gap; this arrangement provides excellent insulation properties as well as helping to keep the interior of the home free from outside noise such as traffic.

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home and save money at the same time then you should consider San Antonio replacement windows. For full details of what is available call Shaw Company Remodeling or go to

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