Things to Know Before Calling Roofing Contractors in Brookfield WI

Things to Know Before Calling Roofing Contractors in Brookfield WI

Roof replacement is a significant undertaking. It’s costly, time-consuming, and can overwhelm even the most confident decision-maker. A home’s roof does more than providing a finished look; it’s the biggest defense against the elements. Before calling roofing contractors in Brookfield, WI, a homeowner should understand every part of the job.

Replacing the Roof

While it’s possible to repair or partially replace a roof in some cases, it’s not a good idea in others. If the roof is old, has multiple damaged areas or problems recur, a contractor will likely recommend a full replacement.

Material Options

New roofing materials frequently come onto the market. If a homeowner hasn’t gotten a new roof in 20 years or more, it may be time to look at what’s available. Along with traditional shingles made of slate, cedar or asphalt, today’s metal roofing gives the appearance of various other materials. While some materials cost more than conventional shingles, they can last longer and improve the home’s curb appeal.

Stripping or Layering

If the home currently has asphalt shingles, the owner may have a choice in how they proceed. A roof can have two layers of asphalt shingles before it must be redone; layering is a good way to cut installation costs. However, layering is a one-time proposition, and shingles tend to adhere poorly to other shingle layers. If a customer lives in an area prone to high winds, a replacement may be the safest option.

Proper Installation

Before roofing contractors in Brookfield, WI start their work, the homeowner should gain an understanding of the process. Find out whether the roof will be layered or stripped, and ensure that the contractor will trim and flash the right areas. A reputable roofer will know what to do, but homeowners should still learn about the process.

Make Informed Decisions

A roof is a big investment, and homeowners should leave nothing to chance. It’s important to learn about roofing and to weigh options carefully before making a choice. A new roof should last at least 20 years; that’s a long time to live with a bad decision. Visit to learn how these local contractors can help a homeowner make the right choices.

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