The Undeniable Benefits Of An Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss TX

When people talk about electronic access control, they are simply talking about an electronic means of inhibiting entrance to a specified area. This area is usually a building or a room inside of that building. While these are pretty common nowadays, there are still people who are not aware of just how useful they can be. Here are some of the benefits somebody can expect to receive from an Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss TX.

No More Changing The Locks

When an employee quits, it is not always certain they will return the company keys. There is also the chance they have figured out a way to make a copy for nefarious purposes. When this happens, the company is forced to change all of the locks and reissue keys to all of the other employees. By simply using an Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss TX, the company can simply revoke the authorization of the employee. Alternatively, permission can once again be granted if the employee returns to the company.

Monitor Activity

When an electronic entry system is used, there can be complete monitoring of who is coming and going. Paired with a video surveillance system, this can be the ultimate in knowing exactly who has entered what areas, at what time they entered, and even when they left. This is absolutely crucial if the business is home to troves of sensitive data or does certain types of government work.

Safety First

If the business is located in a dangerous area, it is much quicker and safer for the employee to quickly swipe a card than it is to fumble around with traditional keys. The access system is also great because it can be used to quickly “lock down” a building instantly with only the touch of a button. This is quite useful if there is an “active shooter” situation.

For more information about electronic access systems and their benefits for any type of business, contact Pop-A-Lock El Paso. They have the knowledge and the experienced sales staff to know exactly what is needed for any type of situation. Give them a call today.

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