The Roots of Upscale Steakhouses: A Brief History

Grilling steaks has been a choice way to prepare beef since the 1800s. Steakhouses were first created in the form of beefsteak socials instead of from the hospitality industry. Starting in the 19th century, steaks were served at banquet dinners with beer as the principle focus of food and drink. These gatherings lasted for hours and at the time, women were unwelcome at them. The amount of beer and beef that was consumed was astronomical. Over time this type of dining has become more refined and now encompasses men and women. The main principle of dining has transformed to become more sophisticated and upscale by turning beef steak banquets into classy steakhouses.

The Steakhouse Role Model

In the 1800s, Peter Luger founded his New York City steakhouse. There may have been others that predate Luger’s steakhouse, but his seems to be the prototypical steakhouse model. Over many decades, steakhouses have been established and modeled after Luger’s famous and popular steakhouse. Today the top steakhouses in NYC still model their restaurants after Peter Luger’s steakhouse. Who wouldn’t use his steakhouse as a model since the man has inspired other famous steakhouse owners to honor him by replicating his business model with their own brand of specialty dishes and intriguing atmospheres?

The Evolution of the NYC Steakhouse

Today the steakhouses in NYC all differ from one another, whether it is their scrumptious menus or atmosphere that sets them all apart. Regardless of which, eating in a New York City steakhouse should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is an experience that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere else. New York City is clearly home to the top steakhouses that understand what it takes to make their guests feel pampered and well-cared for over the course of a meal.

The Focus Is Still the Steak

A lot of steakhouses in NYC offer other entrees, side dishes and desserts, but the focus is still on the steak. You can be assured that only the top USDA prime steak is chosen by chefs that understand how to prepare and cook such delicacies. The quality of the beef is what honestly sets NYC steakhouses apart from all the rest, but more so it is the preparation of the beef by skilled and professional chefs that sets a top notch steakhouse apart from any other. When you are ready to sink your teeth into savory steak that literally melts in your mouth and tempts you to take just one more bite, visit a steakhouse in New York City.

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