The Purpose of Getting Annual Dental X-Rays in Del City OK

The Purpose of Getting Annual Dental X-Rays in Del City OK

Most patients should expect a complete set of x-rays whenever they visit their dentist for a yearly cleaning and checkup. Dental X-Rays in Del City OK are both safe and painless. There are many different problems that a dentist can quickly diagnose with these images.


While many dental cavities can be seen during a visual inspection of the patient’s mouth, some smaller or hidden ones can only be viewed with x-rays. Expect the dentist to take a full series of images of both the top and bottom teeth. Any cavities that are found should be treated with a filling.

Cavities come in all shapes and sizes. Dental X-Rays in Del City OK make it easy to find even the tiniest ones before they grow into a more dangerous problem. Most dentists recommend annual x-rays to check for cavities.

Tooth Infections

If bacteria enters into a tooth, a serious infection may begin to form. Patients may begin to complain of a dull or constant toothache. They may even find their tooth is more sensitive to cold or hot substances.

Dental x-rays make it possible for a dentist to examine the health of each tooth’s root. Infections are often noted as a dark spot encasing the root. If an infection is found, the dentist may recommend a root canal or tooth extraction to remedy the situation.

Impacted Teeth

Normal teeth grow perpendicular to the jaw bone. Impacted teeth, however, develop sideways, and they are often unable to break through the gum tissue. Wisdom teeth are notorious for being impacted, but other teeth may also become either partially or completely impacted.

X-rays, including panoramic images, are the easiest way to view these impacted teeth before they cause damage to other teeth. If impacted teeth are found, the dentist will most likely suggest having them extracted by an oral surgeon. Extraction prevents other teeth from shifting or cracking.

Patients who haven’t had routine dental x-rays in over a year should schedule an appointment with their local dentist. X-rays give dentists a better look at the overall health of a patient’s smile. Click here to learn about other preventative procedures that are recommended by most dentists. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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