An Important Reason People Often Choose Cremation in Arrangements for Funerals in Reading PA

An Important Reason People Often Choose Cremation in Arrangements for Funerals in Reading PA

For several reasons, the choice of cremation instead of casket burial or interment in a mausoleum continues to be a strong trend. One reason is that it allows Funerals in Reading PA to be dramatically less expensive. Another is the environmental consideration of how much space cemeteries and mausoleums take up.

Society Mobility

A third important factor is that family members are more likely to move far from home today than was true decades ago. That means nobody is likely to visit a cemetery or mausoleum to pay their respects on any sort of regular basis, if ever.

By having loved ones cremated before or after Funerals in Reading PA, family members may decide to keep the ashes at home in a cabinet or another place of memoriam. The other common decision is to scatter the ashes in one or more places that the person was especially fond of or that mean something to the family members.

An Example

Consider an adult son or daughter who no longer lives near the family hometown but will be the one making funeral arrangements. This person might decide to release some of the ashes back home in the parent’s favorite lake or other scenic area, and then bring the rest back to where he or she resides now. It may feel comforting to keep the rest of the ashes at this current home or to release them nearby.

Otherwise, burial of the deceased person in a cemetery in the hometown may feel like a sad thing to do. The son or daughter knows nobody will visit the gravesite and place flowers there. The grave will look abandoned as though nobody cared about this person who passed away.

A Simpler Choice

People have been known to pay substantial amounts of money to have the remains of a loved one exhumed and moved far away to be buried in another location. That’s the only way they can be assured that anyone will visit the grave. A simpler solution is to have arrangements made with an organization like Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania so the ashes can be carried back home and no cemetery plot is ever necessary.

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