The Most Popular Bike Accessories For Sale in California

A bicycle can be the perfect way to reduce the effects of high gas prices on a daily commute and explore areas natural surroundings. The first step is to find a bike that fits the rider and offers easy steering and control. Once the perfect bike has been located, the next step is to up-fit it with the most popular Bike Accessories For Sale. With all the accessories available it can be hard to choose which ones will be most utilized and provide the best riding experience. Any of these items will enhance every bike ride and create additional convenience for the rider.

Safety and Security

It’s important to stay safe while riding a bike. Reflective lights and those powered by batteries make it easier for others on a road to spot the rider and adjust their speed and lane position accordingly. Visibility is one of the first lines of defense bike riders have against cycle crashes. Bicycle locks can also create extra security by preventing would be thieves from stealing a bike while it is parked.


One of the first items most bike riders upgrade after purchasing a bike is the seat. Be sure to choose a seat that is gender specific and is constructed from a material that will absorb shock without wearing down quickly. One of the biggest complaints people new to bike riding have is pain and numbness after a long ride. A comfortable seat will combat this and make every ride enjoyable.


The newest biking accessories to hit stores are technology based. Special brackets that mount to the handles of a bicycle are designed to hold a cell phone or tablet device so the rider can stay connected to what matters most, or track their distance while riding through popular apps. There are also odometers that can measure distance and speed.

Get the hottest Bike Accessories For Sale and make any bike the ultimate mode of transportation. Choosing the best bike and any coordinating accessories is no easy feat. Alan’s Bike Shop can make it simple by providing in-house measurement and bike fitting, and access to the latest bike accessories. Stop by their showroom today and learn more about the products and service provided.

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