The Many Uses for Limestone in San Marcos TX

The Many Uses for Limestone in San Marcos TX

Many people don’t realize how versatile a substance limestone really is. Historically it has most commonly been used as a raw building material, but in modern times, people have realized that it is more adaptable to other uses than most stone used in architecture. The ease with which it can be cut and carved, as well as its ability to withstand the elements, have traditionally been the reason for its extensive use. Along with its visual appeal, these made it a popular building material for centuries despite its comparatively heavy weight. Today it is still used in architecture, but typically as a facade rather than as a solid building block.

Limestone has been a popular material for sculpture carving for centuries due to its malleability, and in contemporary times, its uses go far beyond traditional building and sculpting. Because of its strength, it can be crushed up and used as an aggregate in a variety of ways. It is often mixed with other minerals to make cement and mortar, and used in aggregate form in the construction of roads and asphalt. You’re likely driving on surfaces composed partially of limestone in San Marcos, TX every day.

When completely pulverized it is used as a mineral agent in soil conditioning, as it is helpful in neutralizing acidic soil. And because it naturally forms bonds with silica, it is used in blast furnaces to remove this and other impurities from iron. Its high calcium levels allow it to quite effectively remineralize purified water and increase its alkalinity in order to decrease the likelihood of pipe corrosion. In its purified form, it can restore essential nutrients to livestock feed when ground up, and be used as a calcium supplement in bread and cereals.

As a natural geological formation, it is one of the best substances for acting as a petroleum reservoir. Even the process of glass making sometimes utilizes this versatile material. And because it reacts with sulfur dioxide, limestone can be used for air pollution control during gas desulfurization and to suppress methane gas explosions during coal mining. It is also added to products as diverse as paint, tile, plastics, and even toothpaste as a filler.

If you’re interested in these or any of the many other uses for limestone in San Marcos, TX, Loftin Material provides a high-quality supply of crushed, pulverized, and untreated limestone right in your neighborhood.

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