Easy Packing Tips From International Movers in St. Paul

Moving overseas conjures up images of loaded suitcases, long flights and constant packing to ensure the inclusion of all one’s favorite things. It can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to move an entire household full of stuff, and there are many other places to spend money and time. Below are some tips on what to pack and what should be left behind when hiring International Movers in St. Paul.

Take Only Necessary Clothing

Before starting to pack, one should go through their wardrobe, weeding out anything that doesn’t see frequent use. Sell or donate things that are rarely worn; a consignment shop is a great way to raise more money for the move. Think about the new country’s climate, and leave anything that isn’t practical. Packing for an overseas move should not include boxes of clothing that will never be worn.

Leave Behind Furniture and Electronics

Office supplies, electronics and books can all be re-bought on arrival, and many of these items are so heavy that they’re cost-prohibitive to transport and pack. If one can’t bear to part with certain items, they should consider long-term, climate-controlled storage. Small electronics like blow dryers and razors should be bought in the new country, to avoid outlet compatibility issues. Compare the cost of hiring International Movers in St. Paul to the expense of replacing furniture on arrival, and sell anything that’s not a custom piece or a family heirloom.

Electronically Store Paperwork

International moves are hard enough without lugging stacks of documents. With the ready availability of scanning and cloud technology, there’s no real need to ship boxes of papers. If one isn’t ready to place their trust in technology, they should store documents in a climate-controlled lock box, not in a place like a garage or a basement where mold can grow.

Other items, such as bicycles, cars and motorcycles, are an individual decision. Depending on the destination country, there may be significant taxes to pay, and many automobiles need work once they arrive. By keeping these tips in mind and by hiring Action Moving Services Inc., one can make an international move as simple as possible.

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