The Many Benefits of Dog Grooming in Crofton

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Veterinary

Grooming makes animals more attractive, but it is also an important health service as well. Dogs that are not properly groomed are more at risk for parasitic infections, skin conditions and ear infections. Grooming keeps their eyes clear and their nails under control. Introducing pets to grooming while they are young is the easiest way to help them feel secure during their sessions. Regular grooming makes the process fast and easy and reduces the risk of matted fur or other concerns that could lengthen their appointment and increase the cost.

Since grooming helps to reduce the number of fleas pets have it is especially important for puppies. Dog grooming in Crofton can take place while the animal is still too young to use flea products safely and will help to prevent infestations. The puppy will learn to be more comfortable while being handled and adapt to the grooming process easily.

Grooming remains important throughout the life of every dog. the skin of the pet is inspected carefully during their appointment, and this helps to identify lumps, moles, and other health concerns earlier than they might be noticed otherwise. Since early detection is often the best chance pets have for a full recovery from many illnesses, the experts at Gambrills Veterinary Center believe this is an important reason to consider monthly grooming appointments. Groomers also check ears, teeth and eyes to ensure the dog or puppy is in good health. It is as necessary for pets with short hair as it is for long or medium-length coats. Professional grooming should not take the place of regular brushing as this is a great way to keep the coat healthy between grooming appointments and it gives the pet and the owner another chance to bond.

Dog grooming in Crofton is not just beneficial for the pets, but for their human companions too. A groomed dog will shed less, have less allergy-causing dander and smell better. This makes it much more enjoyable for everyone that shares a home with them. pet owners can feel pride when their groomed pet is out because others will notice their dog’s clean, shiny coat and know the pet is loved and cherished.

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