The Many Advantages of Aluminum Panel Clip

The unsung heroes of flexible wall-mounting for everything from permanent panels to works of art, panel clips offers a secure and discreet set of fixings to ensure that everything stays just where you need it. Rather than relying on nails or screws to keep things in place, the cleverly interlocking slats of this system ensure a robust joint which won’t let you down at a critical moment. Although they are made from a variety of different materials, for unparalleled performance and longevity it’s hard to find a better metal than aluminum. Detailed below are some of the many benefits which using these aluminum clips can bring to your project.

Easy to Paint Over

Although frequently located behind other, more decorative structures, there may be times when it’s on display; perhaps when used to cover ducting or when forming the basis of a display structure in a retail facility. One of aluminum’s most engaging properties is its “good-temper” when exposed to the majority of paints or other finishes. Unlike other metals, which can react with some paints or have a surface which makes adhesion a problem, the aluminum clips can be quickly and easily customized to the client’s chosen palette, using a standard paint solution rather than expensive specialist products.

Lightweight Fixings Make Life Easier

When an extensive area requires the use of panel clips, weight is a major factor in determining which product is most appropriate. As aluminum is well-known for its amazing strength compared to its relatively light weight, it makes a perfect clip material. Not only can you be confident it won’t bend or snap when subjected to load-bearing stresses, you can also use it on more fragile surfaces or those which won’t support a significant weight. In addition its relative lack of bulk makes it a very user-friendly material to work with, minimizing the risk of work related injury during installation.

Works Well on Challenging Projects

One of the significant advantages of aluminum panel clip is the ease with which it can be cut or shaped if necessary. There are always occasions when an awkward corner, uneven dimensions or oddly-shaped wall features have to be overcome in order to install them correctly. As aluminum is easy to cut, tailoring a part to your individual requirements is a straight-forward procedure. The superb malleability (bendiness) of aluminum allows it to be carefully adapted to unique shapes, providing a cost-effective solution suitable for even the most difficult fittings.

Not only is aluminum panel clip a joy to work with and produces spectacular results coupled with excellent longevity, it’s also an extremely affordable product which provides excellent value for money. Additional advantages include the ability of aluminum to withstand water and the ease with which it can be recycled; a great opportunity to boost the green credentials of your work without compromising on the standard of the materials you use. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why aluminum clips are currently one of the most popular extrusion products on the market. You can find these and other great aluminum products at


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