The Importance Of Using Electronic Recycling Companies That Are R2 Certified in Houston TX

With the rapid advances in technology electronics become obsolete rather quickly. Business and individuals alike are constantly updating and replacing old electronics. Many people don’t know how to dispose of their electronics properly. They can’t be thrown out with the rest of the trash, as they are likely to contain hazards materials, such as heavy metals. These materials are very dangerous to the environment and the public’s health. When you’re ready to dispose of your electronics, you want to be sure to use an electronic recycling company that is R2 Certified in Houston TX, such as Computer Connection Of Central New York Inc.

R2 certification is a pledge to follow a set standard in regards to electronic recycling. These guidelines enforce environmental responsibility and safety of workers and the public. It shows that the business will handle all out of date electronics properly and safely while protecting their clients personal information and keeping the environment clean. This also means that the businesses will ensure the entire process, from vendors to final disposal are handled in the same manner, using only those companies who have also pledged to do the same. This includes refusing to export the toxic materials into other countries where the import of such is against the law.

When a company is R2 Certified in Houston TX, it means they are taking all the necessary steps and procedures to ensure all of their electronic recycling meets the standards of the R2 program. It shows their clients that any personal information left on hard drives will be completely wiped and protected. By following the R2 standards, these companies take steps to ensure the environment is protected, public health is maintained and worker safety is a propriety. They will take every caution to ensure heavy metal and other toxic materials are not being introduced into the environment and will make sure their employees are protected as well.

Electronic waste is very harmful to the environment and can cause major health and safety risks as it’s released into the environment. Lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium are just a few of the chemicals and heavy metals that can leach out and contaminant soil, air, and water sources. By using only R2 certified electronic recycling companies, the risk of heath hazards from contamination are reduced and you can rest peacefully knowing that proper workplace safety procedures are being followed to prevent worker injury and illness.

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