The Best Roofer In Nashville Can Dispel Common Misconceptions About Residential Roofs

The Best Roofer In Nashville Can Dispel Common Misconceptions About Residential Roofs

A roof is one of the home’s most important parts, and it’s important for homeowners to know what they’re doing. Despite its importance, there are many misconceptions surrounding the overall health of a roof. Below are five common myths about residential roofs as well as some information that’s meant to dispel the myths.

There’s No Need to Replace Single Shingles
This one couldn’t be more inaccurate. Every shingle on the roof has a place, and all the shingles work together to protect the home from the elements. Just one missing shingle can cause issues because it exposes wood and underlayment to water intrusion. If there’s a missing shingle, the homeowner should call the best roofer in Nashville right away.

Only Worn Roofs Need Replacement
A shoddy-looking roof could indicate the need for an upgrade, but it’s not the only sign to look for. It’s best to be proactive about roof inspection and repair, as many issues aren’t visually obvious to the untrained homeowner. A thorough evaluation by a roofer will point out small problems before they get bigger.

Metal Roofs Aren’t Good for Cold Climates
This myth keeps making the rounds, but it’s false because insulation determines the roof’s energy efficiency, not the roof itself. Every roof, no matter what it’s made of, requires insulation. If the homeowner is concerned about the winter readiness of their roof, they should ask a roofer to check the insulation in the attic.

Metal Roofing Attracts Lightning
Metal roofing is not a lightning attractant, but it does conduct electricity. If the metal roof is hit by lightning, it has an advantage because it will not catch fire as a conventional roof would. Speak to the best roofer in Nashville who can recommend the right type of roofing for the home.

It’s important to learn about misconceptions surrounding roofing because it can help the homeowner find the right roof, and it can help them know how to care for it properly once it’s installed. Consulting a roofer with us and having periodic inspections can have a big payoff where the safety and durability of the roof are concerned.

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