The Benefits of Fast-Drying Hand Dryers for Commercial Restrooms

Customer satisfaction can make or break a small business, and one area that some business owners tend to neglect is the customer restroom. The cleanliness and efficiency of your business’ bathroom is something your visitors might remember for a long time to come, so it is important to keep it operating at peak performance at all time. One way to achieve this is to install a fast drying hand dryer in place of paper towels, as it offers a number of benefits to your customers.

Increased Hygiene

When customers wad up and toss away used paper towels, their hands might come into contact with other used towels or similar waste that is covered in germs. Since cold and flu germs are rampant on most restroom surfaces, the chances of picking up a virus is increased when your customers accidentally touch the trash. Installing a fast drying hand dryer instead can reduce this contact and allow anyone who uses your restroom germ free.

More Efficient Drying

Customers who use a public bathroom typically want to take care of things as quickly as possible in order to get back to their shopping, so the less time they spend in the restroom, the more satisfied they will be during their visit. A fast drying hand dryer may allow them to dry their hands with more efficiency, which is convenient if the whole family is using the restroom.

A Cleaner Bathroom

A dirty bathroom that is cluttered with wet or crumpled paper towels is likely to leave a lasting negative impression on a customer. In many cases, customers who are not satisfied with a restroom’s cleanliness are more likely to complain on social media rather than alert you to the problem. This could damage your reputation. A hand dryer can keep your bathroom cleaner and keep your customers happy.

Installing a fast drying hand dryer in your customer bathroom can improve overall customer satisfaction and keep them coming back time and time again.

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