The Basics of Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

Your home is built on a concrete slab that is buried in the ground. The concrete slab is there to keep your home stable and level even if the ground shifts underneath it. To accomplish that, there are likely pilings underneath your home. The pilings are vertical columns that run underneath the concrete slab. Without the pilings, the concrete slab is susceptible to shifting ground underneath it. In some areas, slab foundations don’t have pilings, but if you call for foundation repair, you will likely need pilings.

Who Needs Repair?

If you see vertical cracks running through the facade of your home, you might have some kind of foundation problems. If one side of your foundation sinks, it can put a large amount of stress on your home and slowly start to pull it apart. If you see vertical cracks in your home, you need foundation repair in Houston, TX. Also, if your home is not sitting completely level, you might have a slab problem. Before you call a specialist in Houston foundation repair, you should make sure that your home is not level. You can put a level on your porch and on your windowsills. One uneven level isn’t indicative of a foundation problem. However, if you see the same uneven levels in different parts of the home, you might have a problem.

Who to Call

You should call a company that specializes in foundation repair. They will be able to provide you with the expert guidance you need to put your home back on solid ground. You should call a company that has been doing this for years and has a good reputation for providing good service. They should be small enough to provide you with careful personalized service but large enough to provide you with great prices.

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