The Backbone Components of Landscape Design in Weston, CT

The Backbone Components of Landscape Design in Weston, CT

A backyard is only as entertaining as the items in it. The entertainment value tanks when the backyard is no longer a destination to relax and instead becomes an overgrown place to avoid. To increase the function and usability, an effective design must be implemented. This design must include several different aspects to ensure it can be actually be implemented.

One of the items to consider with a Landscape Design in Weston CT is the amount of sun in which the backyard receives. This is determined by a number of trees, which direction the backyard is facing and the proximity of neighborhoods. This will determine several items such as the type of plants and what type of sun protection would be best utilized in the yard. Northeast Horticultural Services can help with determining what items would work best with the sun exposure.

Another item to consider is the soil conditions. While this is an important consideration for plants, any type of support system will also need to take a look at the soil. This will determine how deep support beams have to go for porches or for pergolas. It may also determine how concrete settles into the soil or what type of material needs to be added to help support pathways. It is also a concern for erosion control since some soils are more susceptible to rainfall than others.

The backyard configuration should also be considered for Landscape Design in Weston CT. Space planning is a critical part of the design. For smaller yards, areas may have to serve different functions. Odd areas can be utilized with a little creativity to enhance the usability and appeal. With space planning, places for pets, play areas for children and entertainment needs should be balanced for the enjoyment of all family members. Adequate room needs to provided along with storage to help with the functionality.

While elements of the backyard can be changed during the design, there are some items which cannot be changed. This includes the sun orientation, the soil conditions and how much space there is to enjoy. All of these items have to be considered at the beginning of the design to ensure everything will work. Visit the website for help with designing a functional landscape.

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