The Advantages Of A Crown Forklift Battery

With any equipment, keeping the cost of replacements for parts and components is always the goal. However, no matter how well-maintained industrial batteries for forklifts may be in a Wisconsin plant or facility, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Today, with higher efficiency and greater life cycles, there is a lot of different battery options to choose from. In many applications, and where long life, durability, and reliability is critical, the Crown forklift battery should be a primary brand to consider.

Longer Battery Life

With the new technology in the Crown forklift battery, owners and operators can expect to see a longer overall battery life per charge as well as a longer battery life cycle. This not only helps to allow longer use before charges, but it also means longer time between replacement of the battery.
With both of these time factors, the cost of use of the battery per hour drops considerably. The longer the battery can be used without a loss of charge the more efficient and cost-effective it is to operate. These batteries are also designed to be very easy to charge, which is important in any application to ensure compliance with charging recommendations by the operators or maintenance crews.

Cost Considerations

There are cheaper batteries on the market, both in stores and equipment supply depots as well as through general parts suppliers online. The problem is that these batteries often don’t have the necessary weight for a forklift, which can create safety issues in operation. Batteries that don’t provide the necessary counterbalance for the forklift when lifting will cause a higher risk of tipping.

Additionally, the Crown forklift battery line offers several options in batteries as well as chargers. This allows the Wisconsin battery supplier to be able to match the charging system and battery with the exact requirements of the forklift, another way to add to the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment.

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