Crown Forklift Battery Products Have Much to Offer

If your Wisconsin business depends on lift trucks, you’ll enjoy many benefits with electric-powered models. They are quieter than engine-driven trucks and better for the environment. When it’s time to think about replacing batteries or battery maintenance, Crown forklift battery products have a great deal to offer. Let’s check out some of the many benefits they can provide.

Top Grade Batteries Only

If you check out Crown forklift battery products in Wisconsin, you’ll see only one kind, the best. They do not make cheap or second-grade products. Everything they make and sell is top grade. Each product is built for performance and endurance, and the batteries are ready to go as soon as they leave the factory.


The H2GO is an industrial rated battery that’s made to go a long time between watering. It requires less maintaining, so you enjoy less downtime taking care of it. A typical lift truck battery may need watering as much as every week or at least every three weeks. The H2GO is designed to go from nine to twelve weeks (depending on how much the truck runs each day).

Charging Your Batteries

All batteries eventually need charging, and it’s important to have high-quality chargers as well as batteries for your Wisconsin company. Crown forklift battery products include highly efficient charging systems. You can choose PHP chargers for batteries that take water and for maintenance-free batteries you may choose from a number of IHF chargers from 24 all the way to 80 volts. The battery chargers are more than 90 percent efficient.

Maybe you want a charging station that all your trucks can use. Crown forklift battery makes access chargers that can handle the job. They also provide quick charging units and models made for maximum efficiency. Talk to your trusted Wisconsin battery supplier for more details.

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