Texas Lemon Law At A Glance

Texas Lemon Law At A Glance

If you have purchased a new vehicle in the state of Texas and it so turns out it is plagued with problems, you have every right to recourse. The Texas Lemon Law is quite complicated and you may wish to consider hiring a seasoned Texas lemon law attorney to help you in your quest to get either your money back or a new car.

The lemon laws in Texas covers new cars, motorcycles, ATVs, motor homes, demos and even travel trailers that are titled and registered in the state. There may be some protection if you have purchased a used car but it must still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What defects are covered under the Texas Lemon Law?

If it has a minimum of two wheels the law in Texas probably covers it as long as it is new or it has been used for demo purposes. The law covers these vehicles for 24 months from the date of delivery to the owner or 24,000 miles whichever comes first. To be considered a lemon under Texas law the vehicle must meet certain requirements which include:

  *  Doesn’t conform to the manufacturers implied warranty

  *  The defects affect the safety, use or resale value of the vehicle

  *  Has been in for repair of the same defect four times or has been unavailable to the owner for 30 days total providing that two attempts were made to repair the same defect in the first year or 12,000 miles.

  *  If the defect is such that the vehicle poses a hazard to life and limb and it has been in for the same repair twice and one of the attempts was made in the first year or 12,000 miles it meets the test.

Regardless of the requirement, the owner must advise the manufacturer in writing of the defect before the warranty expires and the owner gives the manufacturer one final attempt at making a repair.

Once you have advised the manufacturer of your intention of pursuing a claim under the Texas Lemon law you must be a participant in the states informal dispute resolution process, then and only then can you hire a Texas Lemon law Attorney and file a claim in court. The complaint must be filed by your attorney within six months from the date the vehicle warranty expired, two years from the date you took delivery of the vehicle or 24,000 miles.

If you need to take action under the lemon law statute you will need to hire a seasoned Texas Lemon Law attorney. You are invited to visit us and find a trusted attorney in your state.

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