Talk to a Visitation Attorney in Killeen, TX About Your Rights

In Texas, visitation is discussed in the Texas Family Code. Instead of saying “custody and visitation”, the state refers to this right as “possession and access of a child”. A parent has custody or is in possession of his or her child when the child is living with them.

Responsibilities of Possession

When a parent has possession, he or she is responsible for the following:

• Controlling, safeguarding, and disciplining a child.

• Providing food, shelter, and clothing, including non-invasive healthcare.

• Directing the religious or moral training of the child.

• Consenting to emergency or non-invasive dental or medical care.

When you work with a visitation attorney in Killeen, TX, they can assist you in creating your visitation schedule, or possession and access schedule. This schedule is part of the parenting plan. You and the other parent are allowed to create the schedule together before it is submitted to the court for review. If the court finds that the itinerary has been produced in a child’s best interest, it will approve the schedule and make it an order.

What Happens If the Parents Cannot Agree?

A visitation attorney will help you design a schedule that allows your child to have an ongoing and positive relationship with both parents. If you and the other parent cannot agree on the schedule, the court will intervene by ordering a standard possession and access order.

If a standard order is instituted by the court, a visitation attorney will review your rights in this regard. Children who are three years old or more normally live with one parent and visit the other parent. In this case, the parent with whom the child resides is the managing conservator while the other parent is defined as the possessory conservator.

If you need more information on any aspect of scheduling, visit the website of a lawyer who is well experienced in matters of this sort. You cannot arrange any type of possession and access schedule without gaining assistance from an experienced professional.

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