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by | Mar 16, 2015 | Moving

Although moving out of the home or office and into a new space in the same move is always ideal, it is often simply not possible. There can be gaps in the closing times on different properties or the lease or sale dates on different commercial properties which will create a need for storage services in Denver.

Selecting a moving company, either locally or nationally, which has dedicated storage services in Denver is a simple solution to what can be a complex problem. They key is in finding moving and relocation services maintaining storage locations within Denver and the surrounding areas.

Dedicated Storage for Customers

Not all moving companies offer dedicated and secure storage services in Denver for their customers. Some companies will simply rent out storage vaults or locations based on the needs for an individual move.

What this means is the storage facility is not checked for security, nor has it been vetted for cleanliness or other environmental issues. While it may be a very well-maintained facility, it may also be in very poor condition. The results of storing your valuable belongings in this substandard type of facility are not difficult to image.

A top moving company never uses anything other than their own managed and maintained storage services in Denver. They are clean, well-maintained and a very safe option for short or long term storage.

What to Expect

Storage services in Denver maintained by a top moving company will feature the latest in technology. Cameras will be available in each storage vault, and only one customer’s belongings will be stored per fault. Alarm systems will protect the storage facility and provide an additional layer of security after hours.

All possessions will be kept in well-ventilated vaults with full fire protection and extinguishment systems. Padding and strategic placement of large furniture items, pictures, mirrors, and boxes will prevent any damage from occurring during the time your belongings are in the facility.

Your belongings will be carefully moved from the truck to the storage vault, and then the vault will be locked until ready to be shipped to their final destination. You will also be able to track your belongings through automated online systems through the major moving companies.

Storage services in Denver as part of the move can be provided for those moving into or out of the city and for commercial or residential moves. Short term and long term storage can be arranged through your personal move coordinator with a simple phone call.

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