Conditions Requiring an Inspection By a Roofing Contractor in Cucamonga, CA

Conditions Requiring an Inspection By a Roofing Contractor in Cucamonga, CA

Primary protection from the weather is provided by the roofing system. While the roof is built to withstand many of the challenges thrown at it, the effects of time, high winds, and other things can cause cracks in this protection. Thus, you should have your roof inspected after one of these damaging events has occurred. You should get an inspection as quickly as possible to help minimize future damage to the roof and home.

One event after which a Roofing Contractor in Cucamonga CA, will need to inspect your roof is after a wind storm. Wind is one of those elements that can rip the shingles off the roof. Even securely attached shingles can become loosened under the immense pressure from such a storm. An inspection is necessary to identify the amount of damage that has occurred and what parts of the roof need to be repaired. Visit website for more details.

Another event after which a roof inspection is needed is when fallen tree branches have impacted the roof. The branches can pierce the protective material and cause holes to form. These holes will eventually cause leaks in the roof. Even if the impact is minor, shingles may have been dislodged. This can also potentially cause roof leaks. Tree branches can fall at any time without the additional help of a storm.

Hail is another force of nature after which you need to get a Roofing Contractor in Cucamonga CA, to inspect your roof. This will ensure that the hail has not significantly damaged the roof due to the impact of falling ice. If the hail storm is bad enough, it will cause denting of the shingles that may compromise the roof’s integrity and cause significant leakage issues to develop. Sometimes, the hail may even completely knock off the shingles, which will leave the roof exposed to the elements.

These are some of the damaging forces of nature that can impact a roof. If you believe your roof has been damaged after such an event, contact Berry Roofing for an inspection to determine the amount of repair needed. Ignoring the damage can cause more problems in the future.

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