Steps Needed For A Basic Residential Foundation Repair In Fairfax VA

Steps Needed For A Basic Residential Foundation Repair In Fairfax VA

If interior walls in a concrete basement have several cracks running through them, the following step for Residential Foundation Repair in Fairfax VA need to be completed. Afterward, a couple coats of sealant that is designed for use on concrete will provide each wall with protection from moisture.


* concrete cleaning agent

* mild detergent

* warm water

* bucket

* sponge

* towels

* tube of concrete filler

* caulk gun

* flexible putty knife

* vinyl drop cloths

* wooden mixing stick

* concrete sealant

* paint tray

* paint roller with thick nap

* extension handle and roller frame

Cleaning Concrete Walls And Filling Cracks

A concrete cleaning agent or soapy water that has been prepared with mild detergent can be used to clean concrete walls. A sponge that has been dipped into either cleaning solution needs to be wiped firmly across dirty surfaces. Once stains have been eliminated, a sponge should be rinsed out with plain water and the tool should be moved over each wall. Concrete can air dry or towels can be used to dry each one. A tube of concrete filler needs to be secured inside of a caulk gun’s chamber. Each crack needs to be filled completely with the product. A flexible putty knife can be used to remove excess filler or smooth out the surface of each repaired area.

Applying Concrete Sealant To Interior Walls

Drop cloths can be used to cover flooring in a basement. After mixing the contents of a container of concrete sealant for a minute or two with a wooden mixing stick, sealant can be poured into a paint tray. A paint roller that has a thick nap should be evenly coated with sealant. Sealant needs to be applied to walls in straight lines. More sealant should be added to a paint roller as it is needed. Once each interior wall has been coated, sealant will require several hours to dry. A second coat of sealant can be applied to each wall if the initial coat did not cover each wall completely.

Individuals can check out or a similar website to obtain additional information about waterproofing techniques and residential foundation repair in Fairfax VA.

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