Steam Turbine Repair: Areas Requiring Attention

Steam Turbine Repair: Areas Requiring Attention

Reliability is a quality essential in the manufacturing of gas and steam turbines. It must address the fitness-for-purpose quality of the device. Both economic and safety factors also influence the final product. Everything must combine to meet and adhere to the specific demands – legally, economically, and morally. These same aspects influence steam turbine repair services.

Repairing Steam Turbines

No matter how high the quality of a steam turbine, it shall require more than maintenance at some point. While ensuring the equipment is in fine operating state throughout its life span does reduce the inherent wear-and-tear of usage and increase its longevity, it cannot stop the progressive degradation that occurs with aging. At some point, the company must look at repairing, refurbishing, or replacing the equipment.

Repairs may take a variety of forms. It depends upon the issues affecting this rotating device. It is also reliant upon the overall condition. In compliance with safety concerns and economic considerations, a variety of steam turbine repair services may be in order. A company may hire professionals to focus on the demands of two specific areas subject to damage and failure:

  1. Rotors: Repairs to this section may involve:
    Join new forged sections
    Shaft buttering
    Disc repair
    Disc head build up
    Straightening rotors
  2. Blading: Usually this involves dressing and/or welding repairs

Steam Turbine Repair

Once a component in a steam turbine engine is malfunctioning – failing to perform its duties, companies have to make a decision. They must decide whether to replace or repair the damaged, failed, or failing part of the system. This is a time-critical judgment. Does the company replace the component understanding it can be both time-consuming and expensive? Or does it go for the less expensive and faster route – repair work? Depending upon the overall condition and the situation, steam turbine repair may well prove to be the less costly in terms of downtime and expenditures.

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