Industrial Rigging Service: Repairing And Maintenance Of Rigs

Industrial Rigging Service: Repairing And Maintenance Of Rigs

Rigging is something that is both an object and an action. The individual who handles the rigging is a rigger. He or she arranges equipment, sections or gears for a variety of actions including lifting, pulling and moving. The very basic type of work is referred to as “block and tackle.” Once performed by one individual manually, rigging may now be handled by several working alone or with various pieces of machinery. Keeping the equipment in premium operating condition is a professional industrial rigging service.

Types of Rigging

Lifting, rolling, raising, shifting, sliding and moving requires different types of devices and equipment for specific jobs. Designers and engineers work together to ensure the manufacture of safety equipment for the riggers to use. Some devices necessary for most rigging projects include:

• Cargo straps

• Deck mate ladders

• Hooks

• Lifting magnets

• Load binders

• Master links

• Ratchet straps

• Slings

• Snatch blocks

• Shackles

• Thimbles

• Turnbuckles

• Winches

• Wire rope

These and other types of equipment require both maintenance and repair. An industrial rigging service is available to offer this, as well as other options to various companies.

Rigging Applications Rigging

Various industrial facilities use rigging daily or as part of a special project. Among common applications are:

• Construction work: This may involve repairing a bridge or lifting material to the top floors of a high-rise apartment

• Transportation: This may help load material onto a ship, train or other vehicle for transportation to a work site or other location

• Entertainment: Rigging helps to construct systems for theaters, concerts and circuses alike

• Offshore oil rigs: Rigging is an essential component of many oil rigs in marine environments

In fact, rigging is a vital component of any industry that requires lifting or moving.

Industrial Rigging Service

If your company operates construction, forestry, mining or transportation, you use rigging. In order to ensure optimal operation, you need to hire an industrial rigging service. This keeps everyone on the job safe.

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