Starting A Claim With A Wrongful Death Attorney In Fort Collins

Colorado families have the opportunity to launch a lawsuit after an avoidable fatality. In wrongful death lawsuits, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s actions or knowledge led to the death of their family member. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Fort Collins helps them prepare their case for trial.

Reviewing the Medical Evidence

The medical evidence must show that the injuries are conducive to the action identified. For example, if the victim was shot by the defendant, the evidence must show that the gun shot wound was the exact cause of death. The victim cannot die of natural causes that weren’t linked directly to this event. Equally, in automobile accidents, the case must show that the injuries sustained in the accident caused the fatality.

Pinpointing All Defendants

Wrongful death lawsuits may have more than one defendant. For this reason, the case must show a connection between all defendants and the fatality produced. For example, a fatal car accident in which minors died must have evidence that showed why the accident occurred. If the accident was DUI-related, the driver was initially negligent. However, since minors were involved, the case must show how the minors gained possession of the alcohol in the first place. In these cases, a liquor or convenience store could be equally at fault for selling alcohol to minors.

Securing a Medical Witness for the Case

A medical examiner is necessary in a wrongful death case. The examiner must explain how the course of action leads to the fatality. They must show how the injuries were produced and how they caused the victim to die. For example, if the victim was in a car accident in which they suffered blunt force trauma to the head, it is more likely that their injuries cause their immediate death.

Colorado families have the legal right to seek damages through civil proceedings. These awards are monetary and based on medical and funeral costs connected to the victim. However, if minors lost a parent as a result of the defendant’s actions, it is more plausible for them to receive extensive monetary awards. Families who wish to start a claim should hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Fort Collins by Visit the website

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