Some Helpful Information from a Child Custody Lawyer in Green Bay, WI

Some Helpful Information from a Child Custody Lawyer in Green Bay, WI

There comes a time in a family when the couple just can’t get along. Divorce is inevitable. Divorce is actually commonplace in today’s environment. Unfortunately, all divorces are not amicable. The situation becomes very tense, and the couple ends up fighting over everything, including who gets the children. Who actually gets custody of the children is a matter of the court, and not exactly the wishes of either parent. In order to present the best possible reasons why custody should be awarded to a particular parent, the parent needs to hire an experienced lawyer. There is a Child Custody Lawyer in Green Bay WI who defends the interests of the client.

Child custody can be an emotional roller coaster for all involved. After all, it isn’t easy trying to ensure the child gets to be with the parent he or she wants to be with. For certain, the court strives to enforce what it feels is in the best interest of the child. Here are some things to keep in mind with regard to child custody in Wisconsin. For starters, if the custodial parent decides to move to another state, he or she will still have to abide by the divorce laws in Wisconsin until he or she has been in the new state for an extended period of time.

Getting awarded child custody will mean the parent who wants to get the custody will have to abide by a lot of regulations determined by the court. It may not be a good idea for the custody-seeking parent to live with another partner until after the divorce, and then that should be followed by marriage. Smoking and using recreational drugs will also adversely affect the custody-seeking parent.

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