Solar Power Warning Lights: Effective And Affordable

People often ignore signs. They drive on by without noticing what they say or what they mean. They fail to attract the driver’s attention and this can be potentially dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. It is particularly applicable to dangerous traffic areas and school zones. This is one reason why some institutions turn to warning lights. In fact, some go one-step further. They opt for solar power warning lights.

The Role of Warning Lights

Warning lights play a very specific function. They warn people of a specific situation ahead. This could be a dangerous curve or construction. They remind them to decrease their speed in certain zones such as those around schools. They also inform and educate motorists on current and ongoing issues.

Effective Warning Light Systems

For a warning light system to be effective in achieving its goal, it must conform to certain standards and meet specific requirements. Such systems must:

  • Attract the attention of motorists
  • Have a responsive controller system
  • Work with one of various control methods suitable to the demands of the light placement e.g. wireless or land-based
  • Be operative for the required period – this, according to research, is more effective in such areas as school zones. Too long a period on can result in the flashing lights signals and its message being ignored
  • Be affordable or at least cost-effective

Effective warning lights are able to operate quickly, being able to turn off and on in emergencies as well as for scheduled times. Methods of controlling the system include:

  • UFH/VHF radio
  • Commercial paging
  • Cellular SMS
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Cellular DTMF
  • Ethernet/LAN
  • Telco landline

Many of these methods combine with solar technology to provide solar power warning lights. In fact, solar and wireless activity and connectivity can actually improve the overall warning light system.

Why Choose Solar Power Warning Lights?

Institutions and other groups have turned to solar powered systems of various reasons. They may vary from group to group, but, in essence, they boil down to the following:

  • Easy installation
  • Produces its own electricity
  • Operates automatically
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Versatility – Many models combine solar power with AC options
  • Cost-effective

These benefits or advantages allow cash-struck operations to install at an affordable cost while not putting their employees and/or students at risk.

Solar Power Warning Lights

It is important for motorists to feel safe on the road. It is also imperative that children on the way to school are also secure. One way to meet these objectives is to install a warning system that works. Many municipalities and school boards are responding today with environmentally responsible, cost-effective and energy efficient systems. They are installing solar power warning lights.

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