Signs of Coolant Trouble

Signs of Coolant Trouble

Having car trouble can be a stressful situation, especially if you don’t know enough about cars to know what is wrong. One thing that can go wrong is a problem with your coolant bleeder housing, which helps with cycling coolant through your engine in order to keep it cool and lubricated. Here are some ways to tell if there is something wrong with this system in your vehicle.

Smell or See Coolant

One sign of a problem is if you see the coolant leaking from your engine. Although you may not actually see it, you will probably still smell it. The smell of burning coolant is something that you will probably be able to detect, so if you start to smell something burning in your engine, you may want to get it checked out.

Engine is Overheating

Another sign that there is a problem with your coolant bleeder housing is that your engine is continually overheating. One of the functions of coolant is to prevent this, so a continually overheating engine is generally a sign that there is a problem causing coolant to leak out. There are many potential places in the system where there could be a problem, and though some people may be able to diagnose it on their own, it is generally recommended to take it to a dealership or repair shop to be looked at and make sure that there isn’t any further damage.

Problems with your coolant bleeder housing should be dealt with right away because letting it go on unrepaired for too long can cause further problems with the engine itself. The engine is generally very expensive and difficult to fix or replace, and it is a lot more cost effective to fix your coolant problems ahead of time. If you are see any sort of signs that there may be a problem with your engine, the coolant is a good culprit to check first. Visit the website for more information.

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