Should Your Next Carpet Project Include Remnants?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to replace sections of a carpet, remnants are one option to consider. These are the leftover pieces that come from cutting larger sections of carpeting. They come in many sizes, from very tiny squares to larger rolls of carpeting and are usually sold “as is” at a discount rate. Are these really a good deal?

Are Remnants Returned or Used Carpeting?

Most of the time they are completely new pieces of carpeting. They are generally the leftovers after cutting larger pieces from a giant in-store or manufacturer roll. Once the roll is slimmed down to sizes lower than 20 feet, the remaining amount is marked down as a remnant. Most likely, these pieces are not coming from someone’s project. Even though the they are new pieces of carpeting, once they are that small, it’s easier for a retailer to sell them at a discounted rate than to wait for someone who needs that exact size to buy it at full price.

Pros Using Surplus Pieces

  *    Getting new carpeting at a discounted rate

  *    Convenience of zero wait time for cutting

  *    No need for special orders

  *    Ability to try out small pieces before committing to a larger amount

Cons to Using Surplus Pieces

  *    Limited selection

  *    Searching for appropriate size, style and color can be difficult

  *    Need to haggle down a price or roll cut (some retailers will cut down a remnant) if selection is limited

  *    The need to visit multiple stores

  *    Fear of the unknown, as some pieces may not specify fivers or other labeling

  *    Lack of warranty

Should You Use Carpet Surplus Pieces?

Consider your budgeting and style needs and weigh the pros and cons listed above. Is the amount of money you will save worth not having warrantied carpet? Do you really need a warranty? If your budget is low, the portions may be worth the risk. However, a warranty can help protect your carpet, should something come up later. If the remnant is within your size, style, and budgetary needs, the price is often low enough to risk the chance of it possibly not working out.

The best way to find out if it’s the right choice is to take a look at the remnant section at carpeting supply stores, such as , and decide from that info if it’s worth your time or if going with new carpeting is better. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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