Should You Choose One Piece or Two-Piece Off-Road Wheels?

Should You Choose One Piece or Two-Piece Off-Road Wheels?

If you like to take your truck or SUV off the road, you may encounter some really tough terrain at times. It is important to have the right kind of suspension for off-roading, but you also need some rugged tires and wheels made for all kinds of driving, to make sure you have few problems. You can choose one or two-piece custom wheels in Oklahoma City and here is information to help you make the best decision.

One Piece Construction

To make one-piece wheels, the manufacturers cast the entire wheel in one piece. However, besides casting, they can forge wheels in one section also. When you create custom wheels in Oklahoma City in one section or piece, you create some of the strongest wheels available.

Stiffness is an important feature most off-road drivers look for, and single piece rims are stiffer than those made in multiple pieces. A stiffer rim is less likely to deform or bend in tough road conditions. Stiff wheels transfer power directly to the tires from the drive system, resulting in better performance.

Two Piece Construction

Two-piece wheels come in two separate sections or pieces. One section is usually for the center and the other for the rim. The center section gets held in place by a row of bolts. Two-piece wheels let the manufacturer come up with complex and original designs while keeping manufacturing costs down.

Which One Should You Choose?

For off-roading, single piece wheels have fewer failure issues. They are extremely durable, and the replacement cost is affordable. For looks, two-piece wheels are best, and if you choose a trusted manufacturer, you can buy two-piece custom wheels in Oklahoma City which can stand up to off-road conditions and still look great. The choice is up to you.


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