Should You Be More Aware of Ergonomics in the Office?

Fred sat in an uncomfortable chair in the office for years and never complained much. However, in time he began to develop neck problems which made his life more difficult. In fact, had Fred been sitting in a comfortable ergonomic office chair, these troubles (and problems for his employer) would not have happened. Let’s look at some important reasons to increase ergonomics in the office, so everyone benefits greatly.

What Does Ergonomic Mean?

Ergonomics in the office refers to proper position for maximum comfort. For example, your desk and chair should be a certain height and so should the keyboard and computer monitor. If not, it can place a strain on the hands, eyes, neck, back and have a domino effect on the spine. This is why having the right furniture is so important for both employee and employer.

Quality of Work

People function better when they are comfortable and rested. When you sit in an uncomfortable chair you can become easily fatigued after just a few hours. When this happens, the quality of your work can suffer greatly and it doesn’t matter how talented or efficient you are.

Fewer Back Problems

When people think of on the job back issues, they often associate them with lifting and loading. However, many back problems are brought on by tension and stress from sitting in the wrong position for 8 hours. Back pain is one of the most common health problems people face and a major cause of lost time from work. An ergonomic office chair can prevent and improve many back conditions.

Fewer Workman Compensation Claims

Worker compensation insurance is an important business expense and when you can limit claims you save money. Proper furniture is proven to lower back and neck claims and also carpal tunnel syndrome claims. This will help to limit sick pay and other associated costs too.

Worker Moral

Think about this. When your staff works in comfort, they are going to feel better physically and this also affects mental outlook. In addition, providing quality furniture is a good way to make your employees feel appreciated and they will respond with increased energy and better attitudes.


A quality ergonomic office chair and desk can greatly increase employee work output. This is a good strategy for raising overall efficiency. You may experience a reduction in absenteeism, medical claims and your workforce will be healthier and happier. This makes for a more efficient organization which can handle the needs of the future.

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