Sharing Information With Car Accident Lawyers

Sharing Information With Car Accident Lawyers

After a car accident, get medical attention and help to address any injuries. This is the most important first step for both drivers as well as passengers in a wreck. The next step should be to research car accident lawyers in your area and schedule a free initial case evaluation.

Professional, ethics and reputable car accident lawyers will provide a free initial consultation, which may also be called a case evaluation or assessment. At this meeting, the attorney will ask questions about the accident and also review any documents you may have at that point in time.

The Nature of the Attorney Questions

The questions asked by car accident lawyers are meant to elicit specific information about the accident. These may seem like small details to the client, but to the attorney, they are important factors.

Be as honest and forthcoming as possible with the answers. Do not omit information or mislead the attorney as this can create problems in your case and may also limit the attorney’s ability to represent you in the future.

Bring Documentation

In most cases, people involved in a car accident will have a police report or a police report number to provide to the attorney at the initial case evaluation. Make sure to bring that information with you as well as your insurance papers.

It will also be important to bring your current medical records that pertain to the accident. The attorney may also ask about other health issues you are experiencing that may be used against you by the insurance company.

When there are ongoing health issues due to the accident, your attorney may require a meeting with a specialized medical health provider. It will be important to follow through with these appointments as they will be necessary to provide the documentation needed for your claim.

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