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Dental anomalies and complications that develop later in life at times lead to the need for surgery. When this happens, one needs to make sure that they have the support of the most competent surgeon for the procedure. Here is a summary of the services that are offered by an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ.

Correcting a cleft lip or cleft palate

Cleft lip is a condition where during pregnancy the two parts of the skull that form the hard palate do not completely join. This leaves a gap between the left and the right side of the jaw. If the gap also affects the palate and the upper gum, it is known as a hard palate. It is believed that the inability to close this gap is caused by tissue inadequacy during the early months of pregnancy when the baby is forming. A cleft lip cannot be left unattended to because it leads to difficulties in speech development in the young kids. When a problem involves the palate, it also leads to difficulties in dental development and makes eating difficult.

The main aim of a cleft lip surgery is to get tissue to close the gap between the left and the right side of the mouth. This tissue can be grafted from any other part of the body. If the cleft problem involves the palate, the surgery will also involve reconstructing part of the upper gum. If the procedure is done when the child has already developed teeth, it may also include the removal of the teeth. This is because the teeth are normally misaligned and growing in the wrong manner. An oral surgeon may choose to extract them, reconstruct the gum, and later use dental implants. The procedure is normally followed by a lot of speech therapy.

Benefits of cleft lip oral surgery

1. There are many benefits that a child gets from this procedure.
2. It improves the physical appearance of a child, making their life easier.
3. It makes it possible for a child to develop speech.

It eliminates the difficulties that kids with cleft lip and palate have while eating.
In case you have a child suffering from this problem, you can get an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ to help rectify it. Westfield Oral Surgery is one of the best surgeons in town.


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