Services of an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Fernando CA

The town of San Fernando can be found in the San Fernando Valley, which is itself located in the northwestern part of Los Angeles County, California. The average high temperature in July is around 93 degrees Fahrenheit which is when many people turn on their air conditioning system. You want to be sure that your AC system is working as it should to keep you cool. But things do go wrong. You may turn the unit on but there is no air blowing from the vents or the air it is blowing is not cool at all. Your unit may be freezing over or your air conditioning lines outside the house may have been eaten by squirrels or dogs! This is when you want to call a good Air conditioning contractor in San Fernando, CA.

One thing a good Air Conditioning Contractor in San Fernando CA will offer you is a preventive maintenance program. By signing up for this program, an experienced AC technician will conduct regularly scheduled maintenance visits for your HVAC system. It is recommended that maintenance visits occur twice a year. The visit to check your air conditioning ought to be in the springtime before you crank up your system to beat the summer heat. Autumn is the best time to have your heating system checked out. It has been shown that an HVAC system can loose 50 percent efficiency due to lack of maintenance. The maintenance program will help detect small problems that can be easily fixed before they become expensive large problems. The technician will make sure that the unit is running at optimal efficiency which saves you money. Plus the longevity of your system will be significantly increased.

Your AC contractor should be able to work on many different types of systems from a forced air AC system to an evaporative cooler. Plus the heating technicians should be able to service forced air furnaces, gravity furnaces, and heat pumps. If you have a forced-air cooling and heating system, then ducts distribute the air throughout the house. But ducts are notorious for losing 20 percent or more of this air due to holes and leaks. The contractor can seal the ducts to prevent this loss. Rowland Air is a family business that has been operating in the San Fernando area for more than 20 years.

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