Send Your Child to American Leadership Academy, A Charter School in Gilbert, AZ

When it comes to your child’s education, you want to make sure your child is receiving the best education possible. In Arizona, you have the option of sending your child to either your local public school or to a local charter school. There are 18 different Charter Schools in Gilbert A. One charter school that stands out from all the rest is American Leadership Academy. American Leadership Academy stands out from all the other schools in Gilbert, AZ because of its parent involvement, commitment to a classical education, development of leaders, patriotism and focus on hard work.

Parent Involvement

American Leadership Academy stands behind their belief that parents should be partners in their children’s education by requiring all families to volunteer at least 40 hours a year. This volunteer time allows parents to be connected and involved in their child’s education. It also allows children to see that their parents are supporting and invested in their education.

Commitment to a Classical Education

American Leadership Academy is committed to providing your child with a classical education. A classical education allows your child to study historical primary sources and learn from history. It encourages your child to learn just for the sake of pursuing knowledge, and is based on principles taught by great teachers such as Socrates and Plato.

Development of Leaders

American Leadership Academy believes that every child is a leader. They will work with your child to help them develop their leadership potential. American Leadership Academy uses the philosophy behind the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to help your child discover their leadership abilities.


American Leadership Academy respects and values the uniqueness of the United States of America. They encourage students to understand the principles that guide our nation by studying our founding documents and founders. They encourage your child to think critically about the philosophies and values that guided the foundation of our country.

Focus on Hard Work

To pursue knowledge for the sake of learning and to become a leader, your child will need to work hard. American Leadership Academy works to cultivate a desire for learning within the students. They recognize that it takes dedication and perseverance to become an excellent learner and leader.

American Leadership Academy is an exceptional Charter Schools in Gilbert AZ where your child will develop a desire to learn deeply about the world around them. To learn more, please visit




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