Should I Choose Private School?

Should I Choose Private School?

Making the decision between public and private school can be difficult for many families. A private school can offer better educational opportunities for your child, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. In addition, if your child attends private school while most of the children in your neighborhood attend public school, it may be more difficult for your child to make friends. Here are some advantages to choosing a private school that offers instruction from preschool through high school.

Your child will have fewer transitions. Transitioning from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school can be difficult for some children. Their surroundings are unfamiliar, and the school population may change, leaving them without their closest friends. When your child attends a K-12 school, they will have the same surroundings and friends throughout their school years. This is especially important if they are not attending the same school as the other children in the neighborhood.

Your child will have smaller classrooms and a lower student/teacher ratio. Studies have shown that children are more likely to thrive educationally in schools with smaller classrooms.

You will have more influence in your child’s education. Private schools are not as subject to government regulations as public schools. Parents can have more of an impact on their child’s education when attending private school.

Your child may have better access to extracurricular activities. Private schools often have more extracurricular opportunities for their students, compared to public schools. They may also have larger extracurricular activity teams so that more children are able to participate.

You are the only person who can decide if private school is the right option for your child. Talk with other parents and the staff at private schools in Plano to help you make the best decision for your family.

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