3 Maintenance Tips for Protecting Your WordPress Site

3 Maintenance Tips for Protecting Your WordPress Site

Without a doubt, WordPress continues to be a powerful tool that bloggers, companies and organizations can use to promote their presence online. This powerful tool, though, has its drawbacks in the sense that it is a target for hackers. Therefore, it is important for a WordPress Developer, for example, to be mindful of WordPress Maintenance Denver. There are simple steps you can take to prevent an attack and minimize negative effects if one succeeds. If it gets too bad, WordPress Support is readily at your disposal.

Here are three maintenance tips for protecting your site, which are recommended by professionals including WP Support Denver.

Update Site

You may have noticed that your applications and electronic devices require you to approve their updates what seems like often. It is not different for your site powered by this great tool. When you require WordPress Support, you will be asked what version you are currently using. If you are not using the latest version, expect a tiny lecture on why you should always be up to date. Simply put, hackers rely on the older versions that begin to be less supported. They can easily navigate their way around the open patches and cause their damage.

Flagged Spam Comments

One of the easiest ways to hack a website is through the message boards and comments section. When you go through your comments, it is a good idea to exercise good judgment while clicking around. If you make a mistake, remember professionals are ready to help.

Broken Links

When you add links to your website, you are encouraged to test them. Sites go down every day for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the purpose of a link is changed and you do not know this without testing, which becomes fertile ground for hackers to redirect links.

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