Seal Your Brick Pavers Long Island

If your Brick Pavers Long Island are starting to look old, it is easy to make they look brand new. Brick pavers are often used to create patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks. If any of these surfaces are starting to look old, you need to seal your bricks. Sealing your bricks will make them look brand new.

Before you apply sealant to your pavers, make sure you understand the process. It takes skill and precision to properly seal your pavers. If your brick pavers have an old sealant on them, you need to remove or strip the old sealant off of your brick pavers before you apply a new one. Doing this will allow the new sealant to absorb properly and will ensure even coverage. If you want your pavers to look like new, make sure you take off any old sealant first.

To start with, you want to power wash your brick pavers. You want all the dirt to be removed from the pavers. You also want all weeds and moss to be removed as well. Power washing is the best way to ensure that all dirt, weeds and moss are removed from your pavers before apply new sealant.

Next, you need to sand your pavers with polymeric jointing sand. This will stabilize your pavers. It will also prevent weeds and moss from regrowing between and on your pavers. Sanding your pavers will also allow the new sealant to absorb better in the surface of the pavers, and will ensure that the new sealant does not wash out.

Once you have power washed and sanded your brick pavers, you are finally ready to apply the sealant. Apply the sealant to your pavers. It will protect your pavers. Your pavers will look shiny and new.

If you have Brick Pavers Long Island installed outside, applying sealant to your pavers will make them look like new. Be sure to power wash and sand your pavers before you apply sealant. New sealant will make your pavers look shiny and new. The experts at Astro Masonry & Supply Co. can help you find the right sealant for your paver project.

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