How to Choose Suitable Stairlifts in Portsmouth to Suit Your Circumstances

Millions of people around the United Kingdom who suffer with some sort of disability are investing in stairlifts in Portsmouth. Also known as stair gliders or chair lifts, these mechanical devices are designed with a chair or lifting platform, which is attached to the stair rail. The chair then moves along the rail, allowing the user to get up and down the stairs without risking an injury.

As new models of stairlifts in Portsmouth are being introduced, buyers are deliberating between the main types. Modern features include battery isolation switches, seat belts, soft start, soft stop, and adjustable seat height, to name a few. Aside from focusing on the features, you ought to make a decision based on the following.

New Stairlifts

If you don’t mind paying the full price for stairlifts in Portsmouth and want to buy from a respected brand, choose new stairlifts. These up-to-date options will stand the test of time and will always be covered by warranty. They can be tailor-made to suit straight and curved staircases and in most cases, you can get added extras like remote controls and seat belts, which enhance overall safety for the user.

Rental Stairlifts

Have you had an accident or dealt with an injury that has left you with a temporary disability? If so, think about renting, rather than buying stairlifts in Portsmouth. This is also a worthwhile option if you have an elderly family member or friend coming to stay with you for a short period of time. The amount you pay will depend on the model and should you need to get repairs completed, this will be included in the monthly rental price. Remember that rental stairlifts are subject to availability, so it’s best to shop around in advance.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

Don’t worry if you have a tight budget, because you can benefit from the same level of quality by purchasing reconditioned, rather than new stairlifts in Portsmouth. These devices are tested thoroughly and reconditioned to ensure they work like new. Although they may have been used by someone previously, the chair lift will be serviced before being sold on, so you can feel confident that you will get your money’s worth. In most cases, the rail and seat will be brand new. Quick and easy to install, they are normally covered by warranty.

Getting stairlifts in Portsmouth installed by the team of professionals at Bentley Mobility could make your life much easier. Call 0800 068 8642 to get a free estimate for installation services.

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