Save Money with Custom Sized Residential and Commercial Patio Doors

It is common knowledge that energy-efficient siding, roofing, and replacement windows can save home and business owners a significant amount of money in utility bills throughout the year. What many do not realize is that doors need to be energy-efficient as well to maximize the benefit of the other energy-efficient improvements. Doors that are old or not fitted properly cause drafts and excessive moisture to enter and drive up the costs of heating and cooling the interior. Patio doors, because they are bigger and used more often during the day than entry doors, can be a major contributor to high utility costs.

Commercial patio doors in hotels, restaurants, conference centers, and reception halls should be replaced if they are seven to ten years old, have worn seals or weather stripping, are not aligned well with the track, or appear to fog up. All those situations indicate a lack of energy-efficiency and are costing the business a lot of money in operational expenses. The same is also true for residential patio doors. Replacing those doors with custom sized doors will give the interior and exterior a whole new look, increase the value of the property, and save money be increasing energy-efficiency.

There are many types of doors from which to choose. Commercial patio doors can be hinged, folding, or gliding doors. Glass choices also vary and can include insulated glass, Plexiglas, tempered, etched, beveled, laminated, safety, and coloured glass. Some manufacturers, such as Vinylmax, have decades of experience making high-quality products that are cost-effective and are EnergyStar rated for maximum energy-efficiency. Patio doors for businesses and houses come in several styles, so there will be a door to match any decor. Most manufacturers also provide energy-efficient windows that go well with the doors.

Deciding on which door to choose is made easier by accurate estimates for the product and the installation process. That allows customers to remain within their renovation budgets and eliminates surprises once the door is installed. Customers seeking free and accurate estimates for doors, windows, siding, and roofing can go to website. That contractor, along with others, trains personnel on the specific products they offer and the costs associated with installation.

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