Four Times to Call a Landscaping Company in New Canaan, CT

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Landscaping

Landscaping is done to improve the overall look of the yard. This can be accomplished by planting trees, adding furniture and other lawn decorations, and even changing the level of the ground. While a homeowner can work on landscaping projects on their own, it is often better to call a professional to ensure the job gets done efficiently. A Landscaping Company in New Canaan CT should be called on four separate occasions.

Plant Installation

Installing new plants in the area should be done by a landscape expert. They will assess the layout of the yard and determine the best location for a tree or other plant to be placed. It should be planted in an area that will benefit from a new feature and not inhibit the amount of sunlight brought into the home.


Masonry services are often part of landscaping. This typically includes placing a stone wall or a brick path. Each piece needs to be laid correctly, so the entire project flows smoothly and adds a nice touch to the yard. Walkways are one of the most common masonry projects landscapers are called in to handle. They can be placed around the house or leading from a door to another area of the landscape. You can visit here to get more details.

Property Maintenance

Whether the landscaping company did the initial landscaping work or not, they will still be happy to help keep the property maintained. This includes a wide range of services from keeping the grass trimmed to cleaning the walkways and making sure no holes or patches are visible. Through mowing and edging, each space will be properly kept.

Snow Plowing

In the winter, snow often falls heavily. This can have a huge impact on the landscape design. A landscaper will plow the area and keep snow cleared from the premises.

A Landscaping Company in New Canaan CT is capable of handling a wide variety of projects. When any of these four services is needed, that company should be called to handle the job. Giglio Landscaping Services LLC provide a variety of services to their customers at affordable prices. They will work with each person to ensure the yard looks precisely the way the client wants it to look.

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