Satellite Funeral Arrangements In Deltona FL That Might Make You Start Saving Now! Or Rob the Bank!

Satellite Funeral Arrangements In Deltona FL That Might Make You Start Saving Now! Or Rob the Bank!

Nothing is as certain in life as death and taxes. Did you know that 45% of the people that died in 2015 were cremated and it is projected that in 2030 this figure will rise to 70%? Have you been wondering which is the most advanced or sophisticated way to dispose of your loved one after cremation? Different Funeral Arrangements in Deltona FL, should are carried out;

Reef Ball Burial system

This is a burial deposition option with several amazing procedures. After cremation, the ashes are randomly mixed with concrete to create a reef ball. Reef balls resemble igloos and have hollow concrete modules used instead of the common columbarium.

Understandably, the ashes of the loved one are then lowered onto the deep ocean floor. This gives a chance for the ashes of a loved one to serve a more noble purpose depending on family or their individual wishes. This reef ball is lowered to the ocean floor and new life begins to grow on it. Eventually, the reef ball serves as the new marine habitat. While this deposition method is gaining traction, it is only limited to several regions.

In a quality premium urn

Many people want to keep the remains of loved ones because of several reasons. First, some dead loved ones serve as role models for families. Also, family members want to have endless memories of their dead loved ones. In light of this, many have chosen premium urns to place their loved ones and travel with them in different global spectacular places.


Many people in the American northern states prefer cremation compared to people in the southern states (Utah). Those who prefer cremation, have the option of using a columbarium, burial or using an urn. A columbarium can be perceived as a mausoleum, where different cremated material in urns is housed. Some carry the notion that if their loved ones were social extroverts, they should be put in a public columbarium.

Memorial spaceflight experiences

Some with loved ones who longed to travel to space have chosen this deposition option. This option provides a good opportunity for your loved one to travel in space. There are proven ways of tracking family and friends remains in in their satellite missions as they orbit the earth and into deep space.

To understand more about the trending options in cremation and Funeral Arrangements in Deltona FL, Click here.

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