How to Avoid Problems with Your Farm Tires in Tulsa

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Automotive 

If you run an agricultural business in Tulsa, you must depend on factors you can’t control, like the weather and the market for your goods. However, you can control issues like equipment and tire costs and here are some helpful tips for avoiding common problems with your farm tires.

Check Your Tires Often

Agricultural equipment drivers check their fuel, oil, and coolant levels, but they sometimes forget about the tires. Some equipment sits for long periods, and tires lose a considerable amount of air, even if they are new and in good condition. Make sure to check air pressure frequently. This gives you the most wear from your farm tires in Tulsa.

When you check the air, take the time to examine the tread and sidewalls for signs of damage. It’s easy to damage tires when you don’t drive on smooth roads. In fact, your agricultural vehicles face a number of hazards every time you drive them.

Don’t Go By How They Look

Your tires could be low on air, but you can’t tell by looking at them. Also, check for unusual tread wear. For example, if a tire is worn in the middle of the tread, it’s probably been over inflated for some time. If the tread is worn on the edges, it’s not had enough air pressure.

Tire Rotation

Rotating tires is important for cars, and it’s a good idea for farm tires. However, this is not always possible because many farm vehicles have different size wheels and tires on the front and back. Don’t rotate tires by switching left side with right side tires. This can cause the tread to separate and may do more damage than good.

Talk to Your Tire Experts

When you need advice on your agricultural tires, talk to experienced farm tires professionals in Tulsa. They can give you the best advice and services.

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