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The materials that are available for roofing can vary widely and the final choice often lies with personal preference. For long life and good looks it is hard to beat roofing tiles or metal. The final decision has a lot to do with the looks and style of the house. Metal roofs work very well on just about any home as they are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes, some mimicking the look of terra cotta tiles while others can mimic the look of concrete shingles.

Roofing services in Harrow can fit either steel or aluminium roofs in large sheets, this makes the actual installation time quite quick. Do not confuse modern metal roofs to the old corrugated iron sheets used many years ago, today’s metal roofs can be equally expensive as many other roofing materials. Metal roofs are known for their long service life and prove to be a very good long term investment, not only because they last long, they also contribute to lowering the cost of heating and cooling the home. The metal roofing materials that are available today are coated with electrostatic applied epoxy which gives the material rust and corrosion resistance and stops fading as it might do if the surface was simply painted. Metal roofs are often made from recycled steel and aluminium so they are environmentally friendly.

Roof tiles are often the material of choice and the contractors who offer roofing services in Harrow know why. Roof tiles, which have been used for many years are known for their natural ability to stand up against some of the worst weather imaginable; wind, hail, snow and rain have little effect on a tiled roof. A tiled roof is fire resistant and can easily last from 50 to 100 years or even more. There are a few issues with a tile roof; the weight of them is one problem. The structure of the roof must be designed and built to accommodate the weight, also, if the roof pitch is steep the tiles may have to be drilled and fastened to the structure with nails and brackets to stop them from sliding.

Before making the final decision on which roofing material is best suited for your home it is advisable to check with a company that provides roofing services in Harrow. These companies can advise you what is the best solution based on the products available and the prevailing weather conditions that need to be coped with by the roof.

Roofing services in Harrow are well prepared to provide the best roofing material and construction services. Allen Roofing Supplies are committed to provide the best in roofing materials and customer service.


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