Reviewing Procedures For Reporting Injuries Under Work Injury Law In Glendale, AZ

In Arizona, all workers are protected under employment laws. These laws are both state and federally regulated. Employers who hire workers must acquire worker’s compensation insurance under these laws. A local attorney helps employees who are injured according to any applicable Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ.

Starting the Initial Claim

The initial claim is filed by the employer. They provide a medical report to the worker when they seek medical treatment. The attending doctor must complete the report and file it with the insurer within ten days. A claim’s adjuster acquires the documentation and renders a decision. The worker is notified by mail of this decision.

Reviewing the Claim’s Adjuster’s Report

The first step for the attorney is to review the claim’s adjuster’s report. The claim’s adjuster is required by law to designate an exact reason for any denial of benefits. The attorney must evaluate this reason to determine if it follows applicable work injury laws.

Defining Eligible Injuries

An eligible injury under worker’s compensation coverage must originate during the course of performing the worker’s duties. It must occur within the workplace or areas designated as remote work spaces by the employer. The injury must have occurred as a result of a failure on the employer’s part. It cannot relate to a failure by the employee to follow company policies or safety regulations. It can relate to a lack of maintenance for machinery used by the employee.

Avoiding Employer Loopholes

Common loopholes relate to policies created after the accident. The attorney must acquire copies of company policies related to worker injuries. They must also contact OSHA to determine if a employer-based regulation wasn’t followed appropriately.

Employees must follow policies related to work apparel and safety gear. A failure to comply could lead to a denial. The worker must provide evidence of compliance with these policies.

In Arizona, all workers must notify their employers of any injuries within thirty days of the accident. A failure to comply with this statute of limitations would result in a denial of coverage. Equally, all employers must follow OSHA regulations and safety codes. Employees who were injured and need assistance under Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ should contact the Garrison Law Firm right now.

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