Restaurants in Maui Favored by Locals

When on vacation or a business trip, it can be difficult to decide where to eat. Travel guides provide tourist information, and restaurant review websites are not always reflective of the quality of a specific eatery. Most reviews are posted by people who have only eaten at a place once or twice. The best Restaurants in Maui will be the ones frequented by the people who live on Maui.

Ask Around

Many people are particular about which restaurants to visit because eating out is typically a treat. Eating at home is more cost-effective so spending money on a meal out is not something families can afford to do often. Stop some locals and ask them where they prefer to dine when eating out. Find out what dishes they order the most, and what they like best about the restaurant. Those answers will be far more insightful than any guide.

Do Some Research

While on the island enter into a search engine and take a close look at the top few results. A more specific entry, such as family restaurants in Maui or a particular dish can help narrow down choices. Visit the websites of the ones that capture your attention. That is where detailed information will be found regarding signature dishes, pricing, and directions.

In Kahului, for example, is the only one location of Zippy’s Restaurants on Maui. The iconic Hawaiian restaurant chain has a total of twenty-four locations throughout the state. Favorite dishes there include chili, oxtail soup, and Korean fried chicken. Most locations are open twenty-for hours a day, which makes it convenient for varying flight times, a late night meal, or an early breakfast.

Meal Packages

Another reason the chain is popular with locals is meal packages in several varieties. These consist of fully cooked meals that are cold. All that is required to get a family meal on the table is heating up the contents. This is perfect for those staying with friends, families who have rented cottages for their vacations, and professionals current residing in apartment hotels for extended periods of time.

Sushi, sweet bakery treats, special offers, and full menus are available on the website. Click here to discover everything one of the local favorite restaurants on the island have to offer.

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