Replacement Window Installation in Tinley Park Reduces Energy Costs

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Homeowners have noticed it’s getting more expensive to keep their homes warm during the cold Illinois winters. As energy costs have increased, they are looking at ways to minimize heating bills. If they live in an older home with old windows, these are one of the more likely places the home is losing heat. If they feel a draft as they walk by, it’s time to consider a replacement Window Installation in Tinley Park.

Window areas loose heat for two reasons. The window frame no longer fits the house frame snugly and there is only one window pane of glass. Most older windows have wood frames. While wood is beautiful, it absorbs moisture easily. As the moisture freezes in winter and thaws in spring, it loosens the seal with the house. Newer energy-efficient windows have two or sometimes even three glass panes. A safe gas is pumped in between the layers. This provides additional insulation. In addition to keeping the house warmer, it is also much quieter.

Customers can Click here to see the different options for replacement Window Installation in Tinley Park. They can choose from wood, vinyl or fiberglass designs. People who own older or historic homes often prefer the look of wood. While it won’t last as long as vinyl or fiberglass, and needs to be painted regularly, the homeowner will still benefit from having new wood windows installed. The frame will be snug and there will be better insulation of the window panes.

Both vinyl and fiberglass frames absorb far less moisture than wood. This ensures the windows maintain their seal with the house frame. They are also much stronger so that it requires a smaller frame to support the glass. This gives the people inside much better views of the outside. Every layer of the vinyl or fiberglass window frame contains the paint color. Homeowners will never have to paint or hire a painter to paint the windows. These frames come in a variety of colors so homeowners will have no trouble finding the right color.

They will also have no trouble finding the right style. Regardless of their choice of materials, they will find windows in a variety of styles. These include: awning, bay, bow, casement, double hung, garden or sliders.

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